Concrete Polymer Spray Decks:
In the past 35 years there have been many developments to enhance and restore existing concrete applications but none as revolutionary as the Concrete Polymer Spray Deck! The ability to be able to restore existing concrete to better than new conditions and to be able to do this without ripping up the existing concrete is a pretty incredible achievement for both the homeowner and contractor alike.   


Brick & Paver Re-Seal:
Many people aren't aware that bricks and pavers are two completely different forms of construction material.  This is why the sealers that should be used, Siloxanes vs Solvents are also different. Each will have a big effect on the look and durability they provide. There is no replacement for knowledge and skill. When you need both, give us a call...  Total Design Concrete 888-372-0907

There is no replacement for knowledge and skill. When a contractor agrees to correct your situation, your problem now becomes theirs. The options that are now available to correct a situation are only as good as the contractor that is applying them. So when you want the best, with over 35 years in the concrete application and concrete renovation industry, give us a call... 
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Decorative Concrete Re-Seal:
There is no better choice when it comes to having your decorative concrete re-sealed than to choose a company that has been installing decorative concrete for over 35 years. This experience is great when there are repairs that may be needed before the sealing occurs. We have coloring methods we use, along with our diamond dust non skids that will breath a whole new life into your existing deck!

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Concrete Renovations:
After 35 years in the concrete industry one encounters many types of situations that will involve either the complete removal of a particular concrete application or the repair and renovation of the concrete in question. If repair and renovation is the choice, their are now a multitude of options available to get the job done and accomplish an even greater look than the original application.

If the conditions are right the initial savings from the concrete removal alone will be staggering! No need for electrical replacement or plumbing repair. No landscape damage from demolition or excavation equipment and that's all before the new concrete is even poured! The only thing you'll see when we are finished is your brand new deck! So when you're ready to save time and money, give us a call...  Total Design Concrete  888-372-0907

Scheduled Maintenance Programs:
Decorative concrete and even brick or paver patios are no different than the house you live in or the automobile you drive. They all need to be maintained properly. Over the past 35 years we have gained the experience to apply the correct procedures as needed. Some areas get direct sunlight all day, some half the day and some get none at all. This will greatly effect the coloring shading values in different areas of the deck. The water level beneath your deck plays a big factor in what happens on top. What is the surface used for? Foot traffic or automobiles? Will leaves be falling on it at seasons end? What kind of leaves are they, the green Chlorophyll leaves or pine needles? Is tree sap a factor? They're are so many different variables that play a big part into what your maintenance should be. Some years might call for a pressure washing with a light detergent wash while other years may call for a total re-seal. Are there any issues that need to be addressed before the deck is sealed. Out of all this, one thing you can count on is, if you stay on top of your maintenance, your concrete, just like your house or car will give you many years of enjoyment and pleasure and look good as new.
Let one of our experts come and asses your project and help you to preserve your investment and give you many more enjoyable memories with it.  So give us a call :
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