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In the galleries below you'll see how our scientifically engineered materials will save you thousand$ of dollars in the costs of replacing your existing concrete if you're looking for options. Here's why; With a 1000 square foot deck, the concrete removal alone will cost approximately $6,000.00. In addition, the electrical will need to be replaced, plumbing lines and returns should also be replaced. New cantilever or coping stones will have to be considered along with damage to the existing landscaping. All these steps must be taken before your new deck is even poured, adding up to THOUSANDS!!!!  The pictures below will show how all those problems are avoided when using our Polymer Cement Spray Deck Application!!! So when you're ready to start enjoying your backyard paradise again, Give us a Call  Total Design Concrete 888 372-0907

Commercial Applications:

Between our crews experience with our procedures and their attention to detail, we make it possible to renovate your existing area with minimal downtime and reduce your costs for loss of operation!